Wednesday, February 24, 2010

All this for $29.59 at ShopRite!!!

Okay so the Chipper Clipper was defiantly out in full force tonight! I think the cashier was ready for a break after I came through her line! Here is what I got...

3 Scotties Tissues FREE
3 Hazelnut Coffee Mates FREE (I am going back for more tomorrow they were out of Amaretto!)
3 Texas Toasts FREE
1 pack of Sucrets $.49
2 bags of Wise snacks $.98
1 package of Romaine Hearts $1.49 (no coupon just needed some lettuce and it was on sale!!)
2 (2) packs of Olivio $2.34
3 boxes of Gogurt $2.37
2 (5) packs of Kraft Mac & Cheese $2.68
2 (3) packs of Scotch Brite Sponges $3.48
24 Dannon Lite and Fit Yogarts $3.36
1 (12) pack Marcal Bath Tissue $3.49
1lb. Black Bear American Cheese $4.99 (again just needed cheese but also on sale!)

I needed a Manager to come to the register at the end because I used "Too many coupons?!?" If they make'em we should be able to use'em without holding up the line but in my experience... I always hold up the line so if you see me comin' run the other way!!!
All in all I saved $80.17 Not to shabby!



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