Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Experience with Hot Prints

I have been looking all over the web for great deals and it seems that I often stumble upon Hot Prints, so I thought that I would try to figure out if their free photo book deal is too good to be true. Hot Prints offers one totally free photo album a month. I am all for a good deal, but I'm wondering what the "hook" is. This will be a fun-filled, frugal, learning experience... and away we go!!!!

So far things have gone off with out a hitch over at Hot Prints. I signed up and started uploading my photos. There are a limited amount of albums to choose from, and the uploader seems kind of slow, but this could be  because I am using really high resolution files.

Well that was the end of the easy going... it took a good long while to upload my photos, and once they were all done, the photos were all jumbled up. This really got on my nerves!

I had to select all the photos I wanted in the album so I put them back in order. This is a little bit of a pain because the thumbnails are really small. I had to go back and forth between the file on my hard drive and the file that I uploaded to get them back in order. This is me making a BIG frowny face about that!

The page layouts were fun to play around with, they are all pre-set you just drag and drop everything!  This is my favorite part. I love scrapbooking so I had fun with the album itself!  Overall, it wasn't too bad for never using the site before. I think I will be able to navigate the process better next time now that I have some experience using the site.

I previewed my album and hit the checkout. The price? Totally free! I can't wait to see the album in person to give it a final critique. Overall, the slow upload speed and the pictures getting jumbled up was a pain, but the site is fairly easy to maneuver and I think I will use it again!



HotPrints said...

Thanks for giving us a spin. We appreciate it. Do let us know your feedback when you receive your HotBook. Also, just to let you know we had huge amount of traffic over the weekend. Do give us a try again.


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