Sunday, March 21, 2010

Awesome Deals at Walmart & Target!

I found these awesome deals at Walmart and Target!

Target has Monopoly and Connect 4 on sale this week for $7.00 each. has a $5.00 off Monopoly coupon and $4.00 off Connect 4 coupon.   That makes the full size versions of Monopoly only $2.00 and Connect 4 only $3.00!!!  They also have a $4.00 off Hungry Hungry Hippos coupons, which comes in handy in the next deal, below.

Walmart (and some Targets) have travel size games that these coupons work on as well.  Travel size Connect 4 and Travel Size Hungry Hungry Hippos are $5.24 each at Walmart.  We already have regular Connect 4 so we got the Travel version instead, and we also got the travel size Hungry Hungry Hippos.  After the $4.00 off coupons, we paid just $1.24 each.

So all in all, we got Monopoly, Travel Connect 4 and Travel Hungry Hungry Hippos for a total of $4.45.  If you have the Target flyer you can price match the full size board games at Walmart and make one trip!

We actually printed out coupons from our laptop and desktop computers, and bought a bunch of the games to donate to Toys for Tots this coming Christmas!



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