Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check out the new Cool School Print Program at HotPrints!

What is it?

Wouldn't it be cool if kids, students and children could have fun express their creativity for free? How awesome would it be to give them a chance to share their memories in the form of photo books?
HotPrints love prints and we want to take our goal of Free Print and Free Shipping even further. As so many HotPrinters have inquired about using HotPrints' services for school projects, we have decided to introduce a brand new program called "Cool School Print Program". This is our way to provide schools and students with something creative, fun and easy. This Program will not only help students foster their creativity, but will also allow schools to provide this awesome service within their budgets.
With the "Cool School Print Program" students can be creative and share memories of their fun time at school with their friends and family. Nothing beats sharing creativity through print and photos. What better way to do it than with HotPrints?
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