Monday, March 1, 2010

My Trip to Walmart!

Okay so I went to Walmart and to my amazement there were even more deals than I could imagine!
This was $7 total.

The GI Joe Ninja costume was $1 I can only imagine it was about $20 regular price the sword makes noise and lights up and shoots stuff out of the handle. My Little guy was impressed with this and ran around the house all night with it!

Cranium Jam Packed Jam Retails for $38.00 I paid again $1. The Little man is also having fun cramming all the stuff into it!
The most expensive thing was Caterpillar Scramble which retailed for $17.88. I paid $5.

This stuff was $14.00
2 Noodleboro games one retailing at $19.00 and the other $24.00 I paid $3 each.
Wall- E for the V-smile retail $19.99 paid $3.00
Vtech Kiddilook keychain Picture frame, couldn't find a retail on this one and all that was on it was a sale tag but my guess... not cheap I paid $3.00.


...and lastly I got all this for $10 the 2 sweat suits were $1 for both pieces and all the other shirts were $1 all of the clothing regular price would have been $78.00!

So my whole order was $31.00!
Thanks Cathy you made my week!



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