Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Check Out Cool Savings!

300250-0110-PnkPhtosIC is a great resource for printable coupons and freebies.

Signing up for Coolsavings:

Step 1: You will be required to give your zip code and email address. Do you want daily updates from coolsavings there is a box that is checked automatically. If you do not want them simply uncheck the box!

Step 2: The second page is fairly simple as well. They will ask you for your name, address, birthday, gender, and to set up a password. In addition there is a check box whether or not you wish to receive surveys. Simply check or uncheck it depending if you want to receive surveys.

Step 3: You will have to go through 4 pages of survey questions to access the coupons. If you are interested in any of the surveys or offers you can choose to view and sign up for them or you can just skip the page or select no.

Step 4: You will be taken to a page of printable coupons (currently there are over 50 available) you can print out if you like or just click the continue button at the bottom.

Once you are done printing coupons and click continue you now have full access to coolsavings, all the coupons freebies and samples are yours for the taking.

Currently you can get a free subscription to American baby magazine, free prilosec otc sample, plus great online coupons you can use at your favorite stores.

Signup for Coolsavings today and start getting cool samples, coupons and freebies.



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