Saturday, May 29, 2010

My AMAZING trip(s) to ShopRite $170 worth of groceries for only...

Okay so I was ready for a quiet day of "yard sailing" a quick stop at ShopRite then home to hang with my hubby and the boy... so here was my first trip to ShopRite...

5 lbs of ground turkey $.80 each
2 packages of Borden Cheese FREE
8 packages of al fresco breakfast links $.49 each
12 packages of al fresco turkey sausage $.51 each
1 vlasic relish FREE

total for this visit...

Before coupons & discounts: $119.20
After coupons and discounts: $17.14

So I came home from the store and made the buffalo wing flavored sausage which was so good my hubby broke out out dinosaur of a laptop to print out another round of coupons and head back to the store again!

My second trip to ShopRite...

2 lbs of ground turkey $.80 each

10 packages of Borden Cheese FREE

4 packages of al fresco breakfast links $.49 each

6 packages of al fresco turkey sausage $.51 each

Price before coupons & discounts: $50.00 on the nose
After coupons & discounts: $5.10

So between 3 computers and 2 trips to ShopRite I got
$170.00 worth of groceries for... drum roll please...

*$22.24* Wicked SWEET!!!
** I did end up price matching my cheese at the Walmart in Waterford which was no hassle! **



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