Monday, May 3, 2010

My Shopping trip today ShopRite and Stop & Shop!

Well Hello there! Since the weather couldn't seem to makeup it's mind I decided that I would take the little man on a grocery shopping trip today! Here are all the deals I got and boy where they GREAT!!!!

First Stop... Stop & Shop...
Here I got only 2 things 11 Yoplait Greek Yogurts and 6 Packages of Ball Park Angus All Beef Hot Dogs... and the grand total for this stop?

My total without coupons & discounts would have been $38.43
My Actual total was...$6.36 SWEET!

Next it was on to ShopRite!
Here I got...
3 Perdue Short Cuts
2 Wacky Macs
6 Old El Paso Seasoning Packets
2 cans of Old El Paso Re-fried Beans
Total before Coupons & Discounts... $32.84

Total for this little Gem... $4.91 but wait it gets better... I got a $3.00 catalina for buying 6 or more Old El Paso product which makes this only $1.91!

So although it was a bad day for weather it was a great day to be a Chipper Clipper all in all I spent $11.27 for $70.27 worth of groceries!



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