Tuesday, July 20, 2010

VistaPrint: Free Customized Tote Bag

Vistaprint is a name everyone has come to know for business cards. But they have a hot new offer for you: a FREE Tote Bag! Here's how it works:

Choose the Free Tote Bag then pick a design or upload your own. After approving the artwork/design, you'll be asked to choose what you want on the reverse of the tote. Blank is free. Anything else is extra. After selecting "blank" or choosing a design for the reverse, you'll signup/login as a VistaPrint customer and be prompted to pay for the shipping which is around $4.40 for "Slow" (21 days) or around $6.15 for "Standard" (14 days).

Get your own personalized totes with your kids/family name on it. A picture of your family, or even a company logo.

Get yours here!