Thursday, November 4, 2010

UPDATE Thomas Wooden Railways Beginner Set for $2.49 @ Target!

Sorry!  It seems the coupons for these don’t actually match up! The coupon is for the Early Engineers set! I just found my Family Fun! Bummer!? But for a Thomas set $12.49 is still a good deal!

Target Toy Coupons are available on the Target website (look in the Sporting Goods and Toys section).

One of the HOTTEST coupons is for 50% Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Beginner’s Set. These sets begin for $24.99 so 50% off makes them a good deal at $12.49 but if you can snag the $10 off coupons from the November Family Fun or Parenting: The Early Years Magazine you will only pay $2.49 for one! I have to run and get my Family Fun RIGHT NOW!!!



Anonymous said...

The online sales paper for Black Friday shows the Early Wooden Railway set for $12.50 on sale... I do not have the Magazine so I do not when the $10 off coupon expires but you still may be able to snag a set for the $2.50!!! I am going to try to find that coupon!!!! :)

The Chipper Clipper said...

I will have to go digging again to look for it! Thanks for the heads up! I will repost this deal when I find the coupon!

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