Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Huge Haul! Staples, Rite Aid & Stop & Shop!

 This was my final deal at Rite Aid for the month I needed to spend $7 to get my $20 Winter Rewards so here is what I got...
(2) Purex BOGO I did not have to coveted $3.00 off coupon but I do have a bunch of $1/1 so I used 2 getting both for $5.99
(3) J & J Baby products which I had a dollar off each and The Oreo's I had a $1/2 and A Rite aid Video Value Coupon for $1.50/2 which I stacked
Then I sweetened the deal with the $4/$20 Make Up Video Value and another $1 off and no prescription purchase Video Value. I paid for all the remainder with +Ups except for $.96. And I received $28 in +Ups! Not to shabby!

This photo was from today at Staples... I got all this for $11.51. The ink was buy 1 get 1 40% off  @ $29.99 and the scissors where $1 each regularly $7.49 and the Dry Erase Eraser was on sale for $2.00 this was for my son! I had $33.80 in Staples Rewards and a $10 off $50 purchase from The Recycle Bank which you can get here!

And finally also from I thought I was making out with FREE water... but I forgot about the darn CT bottle deposit...On sale at Stop & Shop for $1.00 with $1/1 Facebook coupons & 2 Green bags (- $.10) I got all this water for $2.55.


Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello Again!

Hello to all my wonderful readers!
As you can see I have been posting a little bit here today and I think that I am going to post just my deals and tell you about the amazing sites that I have been using! I have found it hard not to share all my great pics & deals with you my wonderful readers so I will post to you where to get all the best coupon matchups and show you all the great stuff that I get! I have missed my blog and I think this is going to be a great way to keep a balance in my life! Talk to you all soon!


Target Deep Discount Tooth Whitenng Kits! 2 for $6

This was like takin' candy from a baby... on clearance for $15 & change had (2) $10.00 off coupons from the P&G saver and RP and a $5 off Target coupon  also from the paper. So I paid $6.00 and change. But the bonus was each of the white strips came with a tube of toothpaste & mouth wash Double woot! O.o


ShopRite Dollar Days...

Here is my haul from the ShopRite Dollar Days, I had an over whelming response to the post on my personal facebook page so I am posting it here! I was so excited.. I think my ShopRite's Catalina machines where going crazy that day because I got way more Cats than the ad said... I got $75 in cats and as far as I can see I was supposed to get only $48 has this happened to anyone else?

I found all these deals at my favorite site for ShopRite Deals...Living Rich With Coupons!

The only deal that is different is the Glad deal...

Glad Plastic Wrap is $1.59 at my ShopRite so I got 7 it was $11 & change and I got $12 in cats no coupons required! woot o.O