Monday, February 21, 2011

ShopRite Dollar Days...

Here is my haul from the ShopRite Dollar Days, I had an over whelming response to the post on my personal facebook page so I am posting it here! I was so excited.. I think my ShopRite's Catalina machines where going crazy that day because I got way more Cats than the ad said... I got $75 in cats and as far as I can see I was supposed to get only $48 has this happened to anyone else?

I found all these deals at my favorite site for ShopRite Deals...Living Rich With Coupons!

The only deal that is different is the Glad deal...

Glad Plastic Wrap is $1.59 at my ShopRite so I got 7 it was $11 & change and I got $12 in cats no coupons required! woot o.O